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This is the bi-weekly visible open thread (there are also hidden open threads twice a week you can reach through the Open Thread tab on the top of the page).Post about anything you want, ask random questions, whatever.Once you are aware that you are not your mind and your mind is basically a sense organ, it’s a thing that brings information to you, you enter the real work of enlightenment, which is: what is this me that the mind is bringing information to? That question is at the heart of everybody’s enlightenment process.The main point of [mindfulness] meditation is to improve your concentration ability so you can direct it to ordinary experience.But here’s a point Gupta makes over and over: The weird thing is – everyone who opens up the big door and looks out into the magical Universe where all the cosmic shit lives, sees something different.The purpose of religions is to enforce conformity on the mythology that floods your brain once you open up the cosmic forces.At university me and a mate prepared a legitimate engineering case for 3D-printed buildings (or at least large structural components), at a time when the only things being printed were plastic keyrings and parts for 3D printers.Naturally we ‘metaphorically’ threw the document into the trash after we graduated, laughing that it would never get taken seriously.

So in lieu of a Comment of the Week, read lunaranus’ summary of Civilization and Capitalism on the subreddit.So rather than becoming Saint Ignatius of Loyola, you wound up as acid-crazed Bill. It’s the same as the Stoics and it’s the same as the mystics and it’s the same as Nietzsche, just another perspective. And then you come back down and try and tell people about it in language, and you wind up building a model that you use to communicate. Does “scientifically minded, religiously tolerant people come back and say it’s all science, and also all religions are one” give us a better framework than “Christian people come back and say it’s all Christ”?I’ve got this mythology of the Universe, and it’s all to do with Spiral Dynamics. One possible escape from total relativism: forget about whatever’s on the other side of enlightenment.If you are a strict moslem and you experience your enlightenment in a moslem context, the mystical model of the world that gets slammed into your head when you finally look at the Universe in that way, will be in conformity with the dominant culture around you at the time. Everybody experiences the mythological aspects of enlightenment on their own terms, and if they are a slick talker, they can convince you that’s how it works, and then when you experience enlightenment, you experience the same mythology you were loaded up with. You’ve got your Buddhas and your Christs and your Mohammeds, and your Abrahams and all the rest of these people – they experience these cosmic states of consciousness, they generate their own mythology and then they run around telling you they’ve discovered the secrets of the Universe – you should do it their way now. I think what you’re describing, getting rid of frameworks, is just a new framework. I read Ingram, and I read Gupta, and they seem to be saying broadly the same stuff, and it appeals to me, and seems to fit with what I already know of the world, and gets me thinking that all this enlightenment stuff is starting to make sense.This is part of the reason that everything in Western culture went nuts when they discovered LSD, because you had all these people experiencing enlightenment outside of the conformity of the church. You’re just talking about another way of understanding consciousness. It feels to me like the things you’re talking about in very abstract terms are the same things that every other philosopher talks about. Every individual who goes up there sees the same shit, more or less. But (says the devil’s advocate) two Christian saints may have similar experiences of the Beatific Vision, write them down in similar terms, and the average Christian will nod and say it agrees with what they already know of the world (eg that it is run by a triune God who lives in the Empyrean).

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