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Royal Raymond Rife was a brilliant scientist born in 1888 and died in 1971.

After studying at Johns Hopkins, Rife developed technology which is still commonly used today in the fields of optics, electronics, radiochemistry, biochemistry, ballistics, and aviation.

Certainly, the medical world would rush to embrace you with every imaginable accolade and financial reward imaginable. Unfortunately, arguably the greatest medical genius in all recorded history suffered a fate literally the opposite of the foregoing logical scenario.

In fact, the history of medicine is replete with stories of genius betrayed by backward thought and jealously, but most pathetically, by greed and money.

So, whenever new technology was needed to perform a new task, Rife simply invented and then built it himself.

Rife's inventions include a heterodyning ultraviolet microscope, a microdissector, and a micromanipulator.

It has re-emerged in the underground medical/alternative health world only since the mid-80's.

This is the story of Royal Raymond Rife and his fabulous discoveries and electronic instruments.

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Indeed, it is a discovery that would end the pain and suffering of countless millions and change life on Earth forever.Now, assuming your amazing cure is an electronic instrument, the only cost of using it is electricity.And it is absolutely harmless to patients, who can recover without losing their hair, the family home, and their life savings.Of course, some may regard this as just an amusing piece of fiction.However, for those who are willing to do some investigating on their own, there will be mentioned several highly-respected doctors and medical authorities who worked with Rife as well as some of the remarkable technical aspects of his creation.

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