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The company has taken an office space sufficient for over 50 employees depending on configuration and plans to expand its engineering strengths as clear from the ads given by the company in news paper.

They want to hire the best cream of the city; it’s clear from their advertisements and engineers in large numbers are also responding to the ads.

Snapchat has leased a big office space in Seatle, in the same building where Facebook started its city operations 5 years ago.Instagram and facebook are the biggest competitors of this selfie sharing magic.Update: 14 January, 2016In 2013, facebook tried to acquire Snapchat but it couldn’t.This is reported to have followed from buying Looksery to further strengthen its selfie filter game.Snap chat has been outplaying facebook in picture sharing and texting, owing to its simple design and dedicated utility to picture and video sharing, as opposed to Facebook’s more traditional text based utility.

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    Women's Merchant Masako Konishi began her career at Gap in 2004 as a part of the Retail Management Program where she learned every aspect of production, planning and merchandising. Turning to her own style, Konishi keeps the nature of the brand simple with her style philosophy. "For me it’s about switching up the cut of the jean, the wash of the jean, or the silhouette. "Be aware of trends, but don't copy them from head to toe.

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