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The operating system will reply with a RST packet before the TCP connection can be established.The way to fix this is to use the built-in packet-filtering firewall to block those packets in the operating-system TCP/IP stack.To figure out the range mac OS uses, we run the following command: So this means I shouldn't use source ports anywhere in the range 49152 to 65535.On my laptop, I've decided to use for masscan the ports 40000 to 41023.The masscan program still sees everything before the packet-filter, but the operating system can't see anything after the packet-filter.Note that we are talking about the "packet-filter" firewall feature here.And it makes sense that an app doesn't want to provide a too-accessible way of doing something that causes data loss, and instead leaves it up to you to do something which you've probably been told over and over is exceptional and brutal.

However, since masscan has it's own TCP stack, it'll interfere with the operating system's TCP stack if they are sharing the same IPv4 address.The replacement is known as PF, which comes from Open BSD.Whereas you used to use the old "ipfw" command on the command line, you now use the "pfctl" command, as well as the "/etc/pf.conf" configuration file.The range masscan uses must be a power of 2, so here I'm using 1024 (two to the tenth power).To configure masscan, I can either type the parameter "--source-port 40000-41023" every time I run the program, or I can add the following line to /etc/masscan/

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