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from one small shop to a chain of department stores. the factory for three weeks and everybody had to have their holiday at the same time. New firm planners do some serious thinking about what legal form to choose for their new endeavor1. The owner and the business are synonymous in the eyes of the law. It should define the authority and the rights and duties of each partner, and the limits to such authority.

All references to "we", "us", or "our" shall be construed to mean Articulate.

the option, so we had to look around for other potential purchasers. Complete each of the sentences by using the past form of one of the verbs on the left and combining it with one of the words on the right.

Break shut back off Build take down on Go hear up out Sell ring from 1.

If you are an employee or an authorized user of one of our customers which have entered into an agreement with us for the provision of our products or services, we will be acting as the "Processor" of your personal data transmitted by our customer.

Our customer will be acting as Controller of your information.

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