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These containers take on a natural antique look, but you can also coat them with live yogurt for a mossy look.

Natural stone can be a bit hard to find, and expensive, but concrete casted reproductions can be easily found at your local garden centers or big box stores.

These containers are much more resistant to freezing temperatures making them great for spring blooms, and it’s nice to be able to leave them out in the winter.

So I decided to hit the internet to find out what I could do to get more out of the plant, and in its second year pictured above and below it’s one of the most attractive spring bloomers I have.There are many, many other choices for container gardening.The “upcycle” movement has opened the door to using pretty much whatever you can find laying around as a planter.I actually had a hard time finding a “ready-to-plant” lupin, but was able to grab one at our local market.I bought one plant to see how it would turn out, and in its first year it wasn’t really what I expected.

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