Gender change chat room

Some of the ones I've been to only have "family sized" cubicles in the gendered changing rooms (mainly the women's ) Our local one has 2 family/group changing rooms, a male and a female. To be honest, my son is 9 and whilst I am happy for him to go in a cubicle alone to change there is no way I would allow him to go into a room of strangers to do it!Sent from my i Phone using Netmums I always find it strange to do this with children.The chatroom no longer supports old, obsolete browsers.Your browser does not support newer web technologies.

Its mostly not an issue where I live as all of the council pools have unisex changing rooms so we are all in it together.There are generally people from Turkey, USA, Saudia Arabia and any other countries.No registration required and you don’t need to have a camera to chat on Online Random Chat.What my local one has done is identify a room on the outside of the changing rooms for family changing.Then a member of staff will escort the child through the appropriate gender room to the pool side.

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