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Activity 8 is taken from Investigating Earth: A Geology Laboratory Text (1997) by Wiswall and Fletcher.Read the pages listed below, which are available online through Library Reserves.Discover the significance of drainage basins in river systems.

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These schematic columnar sections contain the stratigraphic sequence for the Transvaal Basin in Africa and the Nabberu Basin and Hamersley Basin in Western Australia.

You may take the proctored final exam whenever you are ready.

Examine the environmental impacts of mining and processing minerals.

When you have completed this activity, you will be asked to submit your answers electronically by copying and pasting your answers into an online submission form included in module 8 of Canvas.

If you have any questions about the lesson materials or assignments, post them to our online discussion forum (not e-mail). While you are there, feel free to post your own responses if you, too, are able to help out a classmate!

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