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This is largely on account of women’s longer life expectancy.

This has not happened in Pakistan and the reason is the relatively low status of women in the Pakistani society.

In Bangladesh, 42 per cent of women aged 25 years and above have some secondary education compared to Pakistan’s 26.5 per cent.

The sociological consequences arising from these two factors probably explain most of the significant differences in the status of the women in these two countries.

Women’s low status in Pakistan has serious demographic consequences.

The government’s optimism that the country had entered the phase of demographic transition has not been borne out by the census of 2017.

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This is one of the many virtuous cycles that appear all over the demographic field.

It is estimated that the rate of growth in population was one-third higher than what the government had believed.

It was 2.4 per cent rather than 1.8 per cent assumed in the Pakistan Economic Survey of 2016-17.

This can be attributed to two traditions the country has inherited.

One, women’s poor status is common in the Muslim world.

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