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Earlier this week, Google lost its bid to dismiss a class-action gender bias case brought by female engineers.

They allege that policies at the unit unlawfully weigh new employees’ previous salaries to determine wages.

The gender pay gap is likely a result of the domination of men in the highest, most lucrative positions at the firm.

"Women make up only about 10 to 12 percent of the firm’s partners, its highest rank," according to Bloomberg.

“This is where the real imbalance lies, and requires attention at the earliest stages of recruitment to attract more women to financial services roles.”The dismal number of women in high-ranking positions is common across the financial sector. will have to turn over internal data on gender equity by April 4.

They said: 'At Goldman Sachs we pay women and men in similar roles with similar performance equally.'However, the real issue for our firm and many corporations is the under-representation of women and diverse professionals both in magnitude and levels of seniority.'We have made some progress, but we have significant work to do, and we, as leaders of our firm, are committed to doing this critical work.'A median basis of Goldman Sachs International's hourly gender pay gap - which takes the middle number from the highest and lowest earners in the company - revealed a 36.4 per cent hourly gender pay gap.

Meanwhile the UK branch, which employs 1,600 staff, had gender pay gaps of 16.1% and 19.7% on mean and median basis.

US District Judge Analisa Torres said the women could bring their lawsuit alleging discrimination in terms of pay, promotions and performance reviews against Goldman Sachs, as a class action.

The ruling covers female associates and vice presidents who have worked in Goldman’s investment banking, investment management and securities divisions since September 2004.

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