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Where appropriate, this development control promotes: * A mixture of both land uses and dwelling types with at least one of the land uses being regional in nature * The clustering of residential land uses providing public and common open space * Increased administrative discretion to a local professional planning staff while setting aside present land use regulations and rigid plat approval processes * The enhancement of the bargaining process between the developer and government municipalities which in turn strengthens the municipality’s site plan review and control over development for potentially increased profits due to land efficiency, multiple land uses, and increased residential densities.

PUDs tend to incorporate single-family residential uses within close proximity to two-family units and multiple-family dwellings to form a larger diversified neighborhood concept.

Polygons that have been digitized in house can be located through the [SOURCE] field where the source is equal to Geo Plan Center.

The majority of the Geo Plan Center Digitized features were based on online . --------------------------------------------------------------------------- What is a PUD? Planned Unit Development is a means of land regulation which promotes large scale, unified land development by means of mid-range, realistic programs in chase of physically-curable, social and economic deficiencies in land and cityscapes.

This dataset contains 2009 Planned Unit Developments (PUD) in the State of Florida.

A Planned Unit Development (PUD) is a self-contained development in which the subdivision and zoning controls are applied to the project as a whole rather than to individual lots, as is the case in most subdivisions, to provide more flexibility than conventional zoning.

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