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Or, as Lauri says, "the modern-day Brady Bunch." But as the show progressed, Lauri found she was struggling to cope with her son Josh's escalating drug addictions and legal problems, which finally led her to leave during Season 4.

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We are more like spectators versus managers of our adult children as they carve out their own paths." In the last few years, Lauri has experienced new highs and lows.Watch Vicki defend herself, and her man, again here.franchise in 2006, she was a divorced single mom to three kids hoping to find love again."I know that Slade and I would make great parents because we both love kids and I feel like I am a great mom to our three dogs, so, let’s give it a shot." Now, will the lovebirds finally tie the knot in the midst of this process?"Right now we are putting our resources towards having a baby and who knows? "Maybe we will just be like Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn or Orpah Winfrey and Steadman Graham who have just been together for years." However, if they do have a wedding, the former reality star shared that she's "sure [she] would invite some of our friends from the show." For more exclusive content, sign up for our newsletter!

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