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I don´t know if things are meant to last forever but you should enjoy them while they do.

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Joh 8,1 – 11 ), die Jesus vor der Verurteilung zum Tod rettet.

which without a doubt in my mind.met somebody else...was sex to him untill he found another.used you .only cares about hhimself..toughen up baby.sad but true..especially this site...there was a tv show about this site weeks ago.rated the worst dating site on the pc....i know first hand...terry from sackville did the same to me..a 50 year old man.reserves...i am not saying all men are this way.on here most are..looking for sex and will say anything to get it....i hate being mean but its true.. Another sad thing is, sometimes we only have that special something something with one person in our lives. I know its easier said then done, but thats just how it works!

Other people we are with, well, its still nice but doesnt compare to that ONE person. You should have this mentality...."Like F**K it, if he don't want me, thats his loss" and try to move on... Trying 2 hook up with a next guy so soon isn't such a great idea either....

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