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The Scarlet Macaws above are indigenous to the American tropics.The photographer wrote, “Red-and-Green Macaws DO grow on trees in the Amazon.” Photo #1 by Billtacular The San Rafael Falls and Quijos River are located at the foot of the highly active Reventador Volcano which rises out of the Amazon jungle east of the Andes.

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We take no responsibility for the phrases entered by surfers.She thought that the moon could come pick her up on Earth and take it to heaven.One night, a beautiful Indian girl leaned over the side of the river, where the moon was reflected.They say it has the ‘form of a neck’ and that with the smallest noise provoked by an animal or the scream of a person, there will be a tremendous thunderstorm in which an enormous monster will appear in the shape of cow. That’s why, whoever passes by this remote place, does it with maximum precautions for not altering the local silence.” Photo #17 by New World Review Amazon Poison Dartfrog, also known as the Reticulated Poison Frog, can be found at the inflows of the Amazon River in Peru live high up in the rainforest.The photographer also noted that these very little beauties are only about 15-20 mm in size.

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