Holy shroud carbon dating

Shroud of Turin, also called Holy Shroud, Italian Santa Sindone, a length of linen that for centuries was purported to be the burial garment of Jesus Christ.It has been preserved since 1578 in the royal chapel of the cathedral of San Giovanni Battista in Turin, Italy.

The shroud allegedly was in a fire during the early part of the 16th century and, according to believers in the shroud's authenticity, that is what accounts for the carbon dating of the shroud as being no more than 650 years old.The Shroud of Turin is distinct from the The shroud first emerged historically in 1354, when it is recorded in the hands of a famed knight, Geoffroi de Charnay, seigneur de Lirey.In 1389, when it went on exhibition, it was denounced as false by the local bishop of Troyes, who declared it “cunningly painted, the truth being attested by the artist who painted it.” The Avignon antipope Clement VII (reigned 1378–94), although he refrained from expressing his opinion on the shroud’s authenticity, sanctioned its use as an object of devotion provided that it be exhibited as an “image or representation” of the true shroud. I trust you all had a spiritually profitable Lent and a joyous Feast of Feasts.As for myself, I’ve resolved to continue my abstention from Demon Weed (at least that’s the game plan for now).

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