How to make money dating men

On the first day, I actually thought it was kind of fun. Still, nothing too crazy – and it was keeping me occupied. According to my “manager”, the ultimate goal was to keep these men as paying members for as long as possible.

I had received about 70 messages – totally manageable – and spent my day at work typing thoughtful responses to each message. In her words, I was supposed to string them along, get them to keep logging in, and ultimately – make them fall in love with me.

A few smart men caught on immediately and became (justifiably) angry.

When that happened, I was instructed to simply point them to the Terms of Service they had agreed to – buried within paragraph after paragraph of legal jargon was a line they had snuck in that made users aware of the fact that they may receive messages from “online ambassadors” that are paid to interact with members.

It was overwhelming – and at this point, things began feeling very, very… I’d receive messages from older, married men who alluded to paying me for my companionship.

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and someone to sleep Unfortunately, no matter how strange or creepy a man was, I had to respond, or I was fired.Additionally, I had to use my real name and basic info – location, age, etc.There were a few creepy men who became obsessed with finding out my personal information, and would send me message after message trying to guess specifically where I lived, where I worked, etc.By the end of the third week, I couldn’t handle it any more and quit.Not only did I feel unbearably guilty for leading these men on, but I felt dirty – and I didn’t feel safe.

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