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That’s actually a very enjoyable part of doing a car this way.” Constructive criticism is one thing I can truly relate to—not that I ever get much.But I do get what Rad Rides by Troy is doing, and like or not, hope you do too.Rather than take the Mariani Bros.’ Tudor straight back to the shop in Illinois for its final build stages following the 2016 SEMA debut, Trepanier thought it might be a good idea for the shop to have it on display at some of the bigger national events, starting with the Grand National Roadster Show.This obviously gave spectators the opportunity to see the Model A in all its bare-metal glory—but it also allowed them to meet some of the build crew and find out all the particular hows, whys, and what fors they’d been dying to know.The striping on the body, wheels, air cleaner, and dash were done by local sign painter Tom Evans, who has done all of our striping for years.The paint is a custom mix Glasurit Bronze Metallic on the main portion of the body and a modified version of the same base with satin clear on the accent pieces and roof insert.The seat and all interior panels are covered with a hand-tipped tobacco brown Italian leather, with perforated inserts and cream-colored contrasting stitching.

The engine, transmission, and rear axle were also painted with a custom mix dark gold Glasurit satin.

Final assembly of our cars is a group effort led by Troy; Alex Marion did all the wiring and much of the mechanical assembly on the car, with help from Dale Cherry from Injection Connection for tuning; Casey Modert, Ian Walton, Brian Ferguson, and Gary Childers are all involved in various aspects of final construction as well.”It’s now 2018. Without having a chance to express my views, Adam had one last thing to say: “What we hear quite often about the car at this point are not always questions but comments about the finished car versus bare metal; because it was featured in print unfinished, as well as the Velocity Channel’s hour-long special about it winning SEMA’s Battle of the Builders—which was quite an honor to win and humbling that our peers choose us out of so many amazing vehicles—people are familiar with it both before and after.

The Mariani Bros.’ Tudor sedan has made its SEMA debut in full dress, with a following appearance in Pomona, where I finally see it in finished form for the first time. We get comments about how much they liked it raw, or how they were nervous about seeing it finished, concerned we would make some ‘bad’ choices on color.

It’s just a hot rod in the buff, folks, pure and simple.

This was also a turning point in time when so-called unfinished (but finished) hot rods became more socially acceptable within the hobby—especially when examples started appearing on the covers of magazines.

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