Intimidating female dog names

(In the female the muscles are less accentuated but should remain in balance with the head and body).

The dewlap is noticeable but disappears towards the sternum.

The neck is powerful, of medium length, and forms a muscular arch.

It flows smoothly into the sloping shoulders, gradually increasing in width from the head to the shoulders.

The toes are well arched, with short, preferably black toenails and protected by hair in between. The metatarsus is broad, relatively short and perfectly upright.

When viewed from the front they should be parallel to each other, not bowed or with toes turning inward. Length of the foreleg to the elbow is approximately 50 percent of the dog’s height at the shoulder.

The chest is broad, deep and wide with well-sprung ribs and strong developed pectoral muscles.

The croup is broad, flat and strong, with well defined musculature.

Its height should not exceed the height at the shoulders.

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