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To follow our progress and to prove the effectiveness of our performance optimizations, we have used several standard benchmarks: TPC‑C, Sysbench, YCSB, TPC‑W.

Tables, rows, index keys, data pages, data files are only few examples of shared resources typical to transactional systems.The benchmarks measured metrics are new-order transaction rate (tpm C), price per tpm C and response times (average and 90th percentile).Compared to 9.3, the maximum number of warehouses has been increased from 1000W to 1800W and maximum tpm C by almost 80%. In parallel, we also followed and improved results for other benchmarks: Sysbench by 30%, YCSB by 50% to 65%, while for TPC‑W benchmark, Shopping mix is 6 times faster and Ordering mix almost 4 times faster. The QA team extended the testing suite with new automated tests, which covered many corner cases that may or may not happen in the real-world scenarios.We fixed roughly 5000 such issues in CUBRID 10.0 and CUBRID 10.1 alone, more than the total issue number fixed in all 9.x versions.

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