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They represent a major threat to the male-dominated fields in which they have achieved success.Rumors of lesbianism have long been part and parcel of celebrity gossip in Hollywood, but similar judgments await Hollywood actresses who achieve their success without a husband (or string of husbands), from Jodie Foster to, most recently, Marcia Cross of Desperate Housewives.

These women are all powerful in their fields, self-confident to the media, and are intelligent, savvy businesswomen.

laila ali and queen latifah datinglaila ali dating queen latifah. A laila ali is gay, laila ali lesbian: laila ali naked from laila ali nude.

The fact that the media, stoked by popular interest in celebrities’ personal sexual lives, has been fanning the flames of rumor about Winfrey’s supposed lesbian relationship with King is about more than salacious gossip-mongering.

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