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2) The Data Source ID is processed before the Item Command is processed. I've tried many combinations of code and this one makes the most sense to me, but still throws an error I am assigning the datasource an ID, then I assign the formview a Data Source ID = to the ID assigned to the datasource. No assigned ID in the page, although I did try that as well.

3) You are still setting the Data Source property for the Form View, which overrides the Data Source ID setting. Dim datasource As Sql Data Source = New Sql Data Source() datasource.

The Data Source ID of 'fv Internships' must be the ID of a control of type IData Source.

A control with ID 'Internship Admin' could not be found.

From the edit template I want to use a stored procedure to complete the update. However, when I click the update button, I get the following error: The Form View 'fv Internships' fired event Item Updating which wasn't handled.

This is the code behnind where I am trying to do the update. Data Bind() End If End Sub I'm new to formview so not sure exactly what I am doing, but I thought formview had built in insert, update, delete commands like the gridview. Add("@titl You are correct, if I drag a new formview over and a sqldatasource and assign the formview to that datasource and then assign the stored procedure to the update command it works just fine.

I’ve based the code on Wictor’s excellent example with a couple of minor updates.

Instead of hardcoding the name of the term store I’m getting the default keyword store associated with the site (this means we do not have to hardcode the name of the managed metadata service but you should check this works in all your environments).

The last issue can be easily avoided by adding a feature dependency to ensure the required feature is activated before we deploy our custom site column.

With this information we can use the following steps to deploy managed metadata fields that avoid these issues.

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