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Let’s see if she goes further the next time She goes down stairs to make a cup of coffee, the dog does not leave her side.

The dog goes into his bed and has that puppy dog look. I need to get some air so she got the lead and set off to her normal walk with the dog.

Her hand slips and makes contact with the dogs cock pouch.

He is playing with her rubbing his head into the bed and rolling over she is rubbing his belly the dog is liking the attention.

She quickly pulled he skirt down her legs (the dog was still not moving she covered his head with her skirt). The woman sits beside the girl and swings her legs under the table.

Wow she says that’s a nice dog he looks like he likes pussy. There does not seem a way into the bushes but the woman pulls away the bush and there is enough room to go behind the bush.

She put herself right got the dog out of under the table and walked away quickly.Nothing changed this morning as she sat watching the dog her mind started to go back to the event in the bed.She was wet again she could feel the cool of the air between her legs.Girl has noticed the dogs red cock is getting bigger she cannot keep her eyes of it.Girl brings her hand down to her love hole and the dog is following her hand.

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