Java image icon not updating

But the following standard image format plugins : JPEG, PNG, GIF, BMP and WBMP are always be present.

Each image format has its advantages and disadvantages: class provides a way to plug in support for additional formats which can be used, and many such plug-ins exist.

I\u0027m running both IE Explorer and Firefox under XP SP2. They note that the Windows Installer may be the issue.

I used and that fragment of the error message to read discussions about this.

Hello again, My GUI is finished and working (ignoring some minor flaws) but my display Board method seems to be extremely inefficient.

If you are interested in what file formats are available to load or save in your system, you may use the The returned array of names will include any additional plug-ins that are installed and any of these names may be used as a format name to select an image writer.

The following code example is a simple version of a complete image edit/touch up program which uses a revised version of the plug-in to achieve finer control over the encoding process.

Since the UI delegate will take responsibility for clearing the background on opaque components, this will take care of #5. Swing supports built-in double-buffering via the JComponent double Buffered property, and it defaults to true for all Swing components, however setting ...

is extensible and can support a wide range of formats.

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