Jayley woo and edwin goh dating

If you missed the Star Awards Show 2 last night, no frets! Both mentioned that they’re in the getting-to-know-each-other-stage.

Here’s a rundown of who wore what (the good and the bad), who won what (The Dream Makers 2 won almost everything) and the drama (Felicia Chin is dating?! We love this Dolce & Gabbana piece that Felicia Chin wore and her makeup is absolutely stunning! Thank god Rui En ditched that fluffy looking dress she wore last week.

Julie Tan: NOTWhat is going on with all the strange pants tonight!?

The last time we had such a huge barrage of local stars descend upon the same venue at the same time, it was the Star Awards.If they were connected in the middle they’d look like they belong to Bert from Sesame Street.Ya Hui: NOTThe cut-outs, shapelessness, stiff-looking fabric and odd length aren’t doing Ya Hui any favours at all.Zhang Zhen Huan: NOTSorry, Zhen Huan, we dig dudes in scarves, but not when said garment resembles a ladybug and hangs rather limp.Oh, and why do your pants look like they’re quilted (and shapeless, and too short)?

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