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"As Jews, we want to be able to move freely, whether with kippah or without," Mr Borgmann said."We want to be able to practice religion in peace and not be discriminated against and not live in fear.In Berlin, more than 2,000 people — including Jews, Christians, Muslims and atheists — put on kippahs in a show of solidarity.The yarmulkes were of all varieties — silky and knitted, leathery, embroidered and patterned.Germany has to live up to its special responsibility," he said.

Today, Berlin is wearing kippah." Jewish community leaders said it was the biggest such display in public since before the Second World War.

More recently, authorities say antisemitism was a motive for the stabbing death last month of an 85-year-old Parisian woman, a killing that shocked France.

Thousands of French Jews have left for Israel in recent years, but France still has the highest Jewish population in Europe, about half a million.

Mr Schuster's comments on hiding the skullcap drew sharp criticism from other Jewish leaders, who say Jews should wear a kippah to show they are not afraid.

"Jewish identity is not something we should hide," said Rabbi Yehuda Teichtal.

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