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He had to go back to the hospital to fill out Rockwell’s birth certificate because apparently, his ex didn’t bother to do it herself.

When Christofer entered the hospital (which he hoped was the right one), he earned some strange looks. It’s not every day that a twenty three year old man walked into a hospital barefooted, wearing a The Beatles tank top showing off his tattoos, skinny jeans ripped in the knees, his hair all messed off making him look like he had carrying a sleeping baby.

He wasn’t really sure what exactly he was doing, but he was just hoping that it was working.

The small baby in his arms, yawned, his little fists clenched and gently rubbing his eyes.

After the birth of the baby, she left it on the singer's doorstep because she didn't think she was ready to take care of a child; especially on her own.

But he wished she could tell him sooner so he would expect to see a four day old baby.

She left a note saying that she wasn’t ready to take care of him so she left him.

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Supposedly, his ex girlfriend was pregnant and she didn't want to tell the vocalist to not worry him.Making her way towards her, he tapped her shoulder, holding his son in one arm. The women turned, looking Christofer up and down judgmentally. ” “Do you happen to know if a Hannah Beth was around here?” She raised an eyebrow, excusing herself to go talk to another nurse.After all, what could he even think about if the child hasn’t comprehended the English language yet?But there was just one big thing that is bothering him.

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