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But, male Donald Trump supporters are more open to the idea, with 58 percent willing to date a Democrat, despite only 19 percent of Democrat women willing to give them their (dating) vote.Bernie Sanders is the most favored candidate among singles polled. When it comes to dating and politics, would you date someone with a different political affiliation? People often avoid talking politics on the first date, or for several dates. Or smile, accept it (or pretend to), and move on to another topic? James Carville (Democrat) and Mary Matalin (Republican) are an example of a couple like this — they work as political consultants for opposing parties. What if you end up marrying someone who’s not a Democrat like you?Research found that he’s Caucasian, in his early 50s with a slightly higher-than-average income, and slightly lower-than-average education.The study also revealed that singles with a high school education are more than twice as likely to be a Trump supporter than their more educated counterparts.Caucasian men who support Trump are also less than half as likely to send a message to someone of a different ethnicity than non-supporters.

American singles want to dump Trump and are feeling the Bern more and more, at least according to a recent Plenty Of Fish (POF) study of over 4,000 U. If they do discuss it, are daters affected by someone’s political beliefs? And a recent Match survey of over 5,000 singles in the U. found that talking politics on the first date makes for better odds that you’ll have a second one — by 91 percent. “We have different ways of looking at politics,” Carville said. But Jews and Catholics who get married probably have a different way of looking at God.

The Plenty of Fish dating website rarely goes down with such reports hitting headlines a few times a year, although when such an outage takes place you can be sure that thousands of users will be trying to found out when the service will be back up.

It is worth noting that it is not only the website that gets hit when Plenty of Fish is down and those behind dating website also offer Android, i Pad, i Phone, and Black Berry apps.

You must be newly single, avoid online dating altogether, or have doubted the claims your nearest and dearest have touted about the site.

If the statistics are true, most singles in North America under the age of 40 have, at some point, used the sute to meet someone, and thus the company's biggest draw.

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