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Played by Jo Marie Payton (1989–1997), and Judyann Elder (1998).

Harriette is Carl's wife, Rachel's big sister, biological mother of Eddie, Laura and Judy, aunt of Richie and adoptive mother of 3J and the daughter of Jimmy Baines and Darlene Baines.

Pratt and Ri’chard dated for a few years before parting ways in 2006.

Now, let’s check out this transformation: Doesn’t he look good ladies??

While Payton, Vel Johnson, and Telma Hopkins (as Harriette's widowed sister Rachel) were initially the stars of the show, with the focus being around the Winslow family, Jaleel White was introduced as nerdy neighbor Steve Urkel during the middle of the first season in the episode "Laura's First Date"; Urkel, the lovesick pursuer of Laura Winslow (portrayed by Kellie Shanygne Williams), quickly became a popular breakout character with audiences.Harriette is very reluctant to tell people what they want to hear, as she is very frank and upfront about her feelings.She first appeared in Perfect Strangers as a "elevator operator" for the Chicago Chronicle, before being laid off and later rehired as Director of Security in the season one episode "Two-Income Family" and then fired from the Chronicle in the season five episode "A Matter of Principle" for refusing to reduce her security staff during a budget crisis.This plays into the fact that he is overweight and in several stories throughout the series, Carl's physical health plays a role (in the season 4 episode "Driving Carl Crazy", he is revealed to have high blood pressure, which got dangerous because he tried to dodge dieting).Carl starts the series as a police sergeant; he is later promoted to lieutenant in season 5's "That's What Friends Are For," and eventually captain in season 9's "Who's Afraid of the Big Black Book? Carl is also the only character to appear in every single episode of the series.

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