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But those with asthma or other respiratory problems can end up hospitalized.

It reacts in the atmosphere with oxygen, sunlight, moisture and other gases and particles. People living miles from the eruption are paying attention to the amount of noxious fumes pouring out of the volcano because it creates potential for more vog. "Everyone is having symptoms now on some level," said Dr.

In a matter of hours or days, it converts to fine particles that scatter sunlight, creating a haze that can be seen downwind of Kilauea, according to The Interagency Vog Dashboard, which is made up of Hawaii, U. Josh Green, a state senator and emergency room physician who has been volunteering in communities where lava fissures have opened in neighborhoods.

With trade winds, communities where lava fissures have opened and those downwind are the most affected.

Kilauea is erupting on Hawaii's largest island, so there are plenty of areas that aren't suffering from the effects of vog.

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