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" Sitting down in the back office Yvonne opened the tenants' profile book.I was surprised in that in all there were only 15 – three couples, 9 women and 4 men.

In fact I was getting a bit of a stiff just looking at them all.

After a week Gwendolyn phoned to offer me the job and after accepting, asked if I could start next week. Although attractive, she also had what I call a wow factor.

She said that Mrs Hopwith had kindly offered to show me around (where, I wondered) and give me background notes to all the tenants. She was about 60, standing five four, with a very curvy and generous size 18 encased in a respectable blouse and clinging black stretch trouser that hugged and slit up her vulva that was obviously ready for action.

It was difficult looking her in the eye because by now she had discreetly parted her legs giving me great view of her open gusset girdle holding up sheer nylon stockings stretched over her luscious fleshy thighs.

If this was anything to go by I was quickly coming to the conclusion that looking after and nurturing the needs and requirements of the tenants of Norton Towers will be interesting.

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