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Ostensibly, Live Links offers a telephone dating service that appeals to a lot of women who would prefer to talk rather than type when it comes to getting to know someone.The major benefit to Live Links is the instantaneous connection that can be lost when using a web-based or app-based service.As for whether the service is any good for hook-ups. Our best advice is to make a good impression and then test the water.Doing it the other way around may seem more efficient but is just guaranteed to get you blocked by the majority of women.

They may just be bored of app service or have, as they say, ‘a face for radio’.

Firstly, there is an ‘ice-breaker’ option; these are pre-recorded messages that you can use to kick off a conversation if you are too shy to start one yourself.

Additionally, you can add a user to your hot list so that Live Links will notify you when they are next online as well as blocked lists so you can remain hidden from certain users if you so choose.

Live Links could be mistaken for a phone sex hotline and, probably, some people simply use the service like this.

However, Live Links offers an alternative to hook-up apps, phone sex and online dating by combining all three in a ‘back-to-basics’ approach.

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