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It smells like a still-wet lotus flower in a pond of cool water, and also smells like I'm sailing in a lake due to the very wet aquatic notes.

Basenotes smell entirely of lotus flower to my nose.

The composition is laid on a woody base, combined of cedar, moss, musk and amber. I wouldn't call it necessarily a super masculine scent like some woody muskbomb, but it's definitely very cool, refreshing, and people will notice you.

A wonderful first fragrance and a safe blind buy, and definitely garners attention in my experiences, and I've gotten many "WOW" sort of comments on it while wearing it (yes, from girls) and they continue to comment on it again when I wear it around them. So so cheap, and the best that Nautica has to offer. After a while I couldn't stand the smell anymore so I got rid of it. Considering how cheap it is it smells pretty good to my nose. He has a reformulated bottle but it still performs decently.

Sillage is incredible especially for a fresh fragrance, while longevity is also amazing at over 8 hours on my skin - some of the best longevity of any fragrance I've tried ever.

Overall this is an unbelievably gorgeous yet masculine scent that is I think my all-time favourite fragrance (better than fragrances even 3 times its price), and is a very unique aquatic with its lotus flower note as well as the lack of citrus.

For the money, given how subjective "expensive" is, I'll say that 100ml for less than is clearly a safe expenditure. I was very lukewarm about this one in the past, but recently I used a sample vial of this to throw at an intruder, it spilled everywhere in the area I threw it in, and the fragrance emanating from there was actually Quite a bit better than I remembered It is not bad, but way overhyped.This starts off with an absolutely wonderful scent of green apple and watery, aquatic greenery.It is extremely watery smelling yet without any calone, and is one of the greatest wet scents I've ever smelled. The entire thing leans very masculine even while it is extremely fresh and light as well as evocative of wet florals.Upon initial spray I get green apple and a fresh invigorating carefree ambiance.I absolutely love this fragrance;it feels fun, refreshing, thirst quenching and performance is noteworthy.

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