Madonna and a rod dating

in the end, they were a little too different." They are said to have remained friends.Watch for A-Rod to pop up at the Oscar after-parties; he's set to attend Vanity Fair's bash, but might he also show up at Madonna's annual party?Off the field, Rodriguez’s life has become the stuff of tabloids.

I know a lot of people will say that is petty, but those people are all Yankees fans who have been alive during Yankees championship dynasties, whereas I have never seen the Mets not implode when it mattered the most. This is a man Joe Torre -- a guy even my Mets lovin' keester is a fan of -- threw under the bus at the first chance he got.

He later played for the Texas Rangers and now plays infield for the New York Yankees.

In 2007, at via Alex Rodriguez made his major league debut playing shortstop with the Seattle Mariners at age 18.

I don't know why this is happening and I honestly thought A-Rod was already married to someone else at this point, but I guess I was wrong.

As of sometime yesterday, we all started living in a world where music icons who defined the sound of the '90s openly slum it with roided-up, hack ex-baseball stars who made Red Sox fans across the world consider that maybe Derek Jeter isn't actually the anti-Christ but just "anti-Christish."They have been seeing each other for a few months — and were together in LA this past weekend... - Jennifer Lopez defined a generation's music preferences. - Jennifer Lopez empowers women to embrace their strengths and to be unafraid of speaking your mind, while A-Rod, and this is a bit of a shocker, is a huge piece of crap. You aren't just dating a historic piece of crap, you are dating a piece of crap who is one of the most universally polarizing figures in sports history.

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