Maria bello and brendan fraser dating

Rice is an appealing and emotionally accessible lead, but the film is soft-focus and the story (based on David Levithan’s novel) has been…Sophie (Bello), a woman with a history of mental health issues, finds herself stalked by an entity that only comes out when the lights are turned off.Fraser was hosting a Christmas concert at The White House during Clinton's term as president when...THE MUMMY star BRENDAN FRASER has upset family groups in America by joking he'll teach his sons to prick condoms and trick their partners into getting pregnant. THE MUMMY star BRENDAN FRASER is set to travel around Ireland in a refrigerator, according to internet reports.This risible third installment of hearty adventure franchise is awash with bad CGI effects, infantile humour and sloppy performances. Miller's adaptation of her own novel is a soapy, contrived adaptation, awash with excellent performances…While this movie about the tangled love lives of a Californian book group is as visually banal as an episode of 'Desperate Housewives', there's an enjoyably trashy quality to the soap opera plotlines.By MUMMY RETURNS star RACHEL WEISZ has reportedly pulled out of negotiations for the third instalment of the Mummy franchise.The Oscar-winning actress, who appeared in the first two Mummy films, was thought to be interested in...

LATEST: American TV and radio legend DICK CLARK has been forced to pull out of hosting his annual New Year's Eve party in New York's Times Square after suffering a stroke. BEDAZZLED star BRENDAN FRASER is celebrating after becoming a second-time dad on Monday (23AUG04).

At Christmas (07), Fraser announced he and his wife of nine years Afton Smith were divorcing - and onset sources claim...

Canadian actor BRENDAN FRASER has split from his wife after nine years of marriage.

That life changes the day Tom kills two criminals who are causing trouble in his restaurant.

NBC Universal and News Corp have secured a deal that will see most of Universal's films released in 2008 shown on the FX Network.

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