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Through the windshield, Reg and I count nine cranes hovering over the perpetual construction site that is Dane County's largest employer.

Epic, Reg and others tell me, has fueled the small but steady growth of Madison's Mormon population.

After the latecomers arrive, Reg gathers us to talk logistics.

The group then circles up for a quick prayer, eyes closed and heads bowed. A half-hour later, I'm chatting with Reg in the front seat as we cruise Highway 18/151 past Epic Systems in Verona.

This group, then, isn't representative of all Madison Mormons.

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In 1830, at age 29, he printed off 5,000 copies, and a religion that now has 14 million adherents worldwide - 6 million in the United States - was born.

on a sunny Friday in late July when a trim 28-year-old named Dan Hinckley greets me, a green smoothie gripped in one hand.

We're standing in the parking lot of Madison's "university ward" of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

His home lacked running water and electricity until he was 13. Just one day into his - the no-rules year when Amish teens are allowed to experience life outside their faith - he "dropped the bomb" on his parents.

"It was basically, 'Hi mom and dad, I don't want to join the Amish, and oh, by the way, I'm gay.'" That was 13 years ago; he hasn't spoken to his family since.

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