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An overview of partnership options in Germany A legal contract between a man and a woman and protected under the German constitution.

Marriage affords rights to couples in many areas including taxation, pensions and adoption.

Documentary requirements vary by region but may include the following: All documents must be translated into German by a sworn interpreter.

Check on the opening hours before you visit, as offices are often only open for a couple of hours during the week.

There are also some aspects in which civil partnerships do not currently enjoy the same rights, specifically in the areas of taxation and adoption.

Civil partnerships were introduced in Germany in 2001 under the (Life Partnership Act), which gave same-sex couples legal recognition of their status.

In the area of tax relief married couples receive a benefit, while those in civil partnerships do not (nor do single parents and unmarried parents.

However, in the area of immigration a foreigner marrying a German citizen does not automatically attain German nationality, although they may apply for it.

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