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…and an editorial comment: I should also note that I have absolutely nothing against hipsters.In fact, some would argue I have hipster-leaning tendencies.The image of a warbonnet and warpaint wearing Indian is one that has been created and perpetuated by Hollywood and only bears minimal resemblance to traditional regalia of Plains tribes.It furthers the stereotype that Native peoples are one monolithic culture, when in fact there are 500 distinct tribes with their own cultures.

I’m also not trying to stereotype and say that all hipsters do/wear the above, just like not every hipster thinks it’s cool to wear a headdress.In 1996 when this movie was made let's just say Enos was a perfect specimen of the male form. Tupac, as Tank, the villain, isn't the greatest actor but he does OK. A couple of the gang members have screen presence, including Pudgy and Bullet's old pal who is now one of the white guy gang leaders.There's a day-to-day sort of realness in the plot.who knows maybe heroin houses are the forerunners to crackhouses and I just don't know it.) Lots of sad junkies doing their various things (shooting up, giving blowjobs for drugs, buying, selling, ODing.) Weaknesses in the film have less to do with the plot and the actors as it does with what seems to be sh*tty editing. That's a shame too, as Bullet (1996) has many elements that could have turned it into a classic.

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