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The Boston Globe reports the tomb at the Old North Church was briefly reopened Tuesday for a structural assessment ahead of a renovation of the city's oldest surviving church, which turns 300 years old in 2023. It's one of 37 tombs under the church, dating from 1732 to about 1860.They contain the remains of notable figures of early Boston, including the USS Constitution's first commander.“Midnight Sun” does what it means to do for the people it means to do it for—and that might just be enough.The 12-year-old girls who are the film’s target audience probably won’t realize what it’s derivative of: a little bit of John Hughes and a lot of “Love Story.” “ Sun” also bears more than a slight resemblance to last summer’s Young Adult drama “Everything, Everything,” in which a rare disease supposedly spells doom for a blossoming teen romance.But out that fortified, second-floor bedroom window, Katie has spied on her neighbor, Charlie (Schwarzenegger in his first lead role), skateboarding down the street every day for as long as she can remember and adored him from afar.On high school graduation night—which Katie and her dad commemorate with their own home-school version—she and Charlie finally meet cute at the train station in their quiet suburb, where she’s allowed to sing and play guitar at night and he just happens to be passing by on the way home from a party.

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My eyes fluttered open to reveal a messy haired and shirtless Ethan. Ethan said nothing for a few seconds then all at once, I felt his lips brush against mine. I smiled, "Of course, I love you too Ethan." Our bodies were intertwined and eyes closed, attempting to fall asleep once more.

But taken to an extreme, that sweetness can be cringe-inducing, as in the scene in which Katie finally gets the guts to busk in front of a crowd when Charlie takes her out on a big-city date in Seattle.

People of all ages and ethnicities suddenly appear, clapping and bopping and smiling at each other as she sings her peppy pop song.

"Baby.." I mumbled, as I turned around to look at our table side clock. Remember, this is your dream and I completely support you and the downsides to it. The last time we kissed like this was our two year anniversary, sweet and passionate, far from rushed.

"It's two in the morning." I said, turning back around facing him again. It was as if everything around us was moving in slow motion.

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