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Because, yunno, we girls don’t think it’s weird at all some guy we just met asks us to repeatedly call his name while his back is facing us.While Jung Woo cries, Soo Yeon remembers calling his name as he ran away from her as she laid on the ground after being raped.Yeah, these two could not be farther apart on the memory scale.Soo Yeon tearfully stares at Jung Woo’s back and calls his name, but when he turns around she’s smiling and got her game face on.Hyung Joon and Soo Yeon might be unhealthy in their own world to the exclusion of others, but they have truth and love built up on 14 years of sincerity towards each other.Episode 7 recap: Jung Woo asks Soo Yeon to call his name and she obliges.continue to increase inversely proportional to how the excessive dramatics are being toned down.Though I really do believe the ratings are buoyed by a combination of three popular young actors in the lead along with a story that can be quite addicting even if sense took a long walk and still hasn’t returned to the set yet.

He sees via the CCTV feed that a car is pulling up outside and knows Soo Yeon is home.

She asks if that’s good and he tries to tell himself that she can’t be Soo Yeon.

She asks him out to drink since the mood feels rather that he’s ending things with the Soo Yeon in his memory.

Outside the house, Soo Yeon asks Jung Woo to write his phone number on her palm since she lost her cellphone.

Harry is very busy and she needs a friend in Seoul, plus she’s going back to France soon and who knows when she will be back.

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