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To determine which pages are backed by data, use Cloud Page Blob. You can then enumerate the returned ranges and download the data in each range.

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It also enables fast and efficient editing and merging of the same media by multiple users.

As an example, look at how to access page blobs using Storage Client Library for . The following diagram describes the overall relationships between account, containers, and page blobs.

To create a page blob, we first create a Cloud Blob Client object, with the base URI for accessing the blob storage for your storage account ( in figure 1) along with the Storage Credentials Account And Key object, as shown in the following example.

First party Microsoft services like Azure Site Recovery, Azure Backup, as well as many third-party developers have implemented industry-leading innovations using page blob’s REST interface.

Following are some of the unique scenarios implemented on Azure: Refer to the following document to get started with developing using page blobs.

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