Movie review blind dating

He doesn’t use a cane, because he doesn’t like to think he’s blind. His closet-nudist doctor (Jane Seymour) strips in front of him (“Doc, are you naked again? His friend Jay (Pooch Hall) uses him to hustle basketball players.

His brother Larry (Eddie Kaye Thomas), a driver, takes extra money from hookers so they can have private sex in the back of his limousine.

He hides away and works obsessively on obscure games in his cheap apartment.

"Whosit" is a socially awkward pianist working her way back toward performing in public as she practices in the apartment next door.

He goes around enjoying seeing, but the procedure begins failing almost immediately.

Perkins says if he uses the glasses again, it will fry his brain!

There’s some last drama about his failed surgery, but basically that’s THE END.

Blind Dating is one of those competently done indies that’s not very commercial in a way that the whole project is then effectively unsalvageable.

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She knows her family will disapprove, and so much of her future has already been arranged for her. She breaks it to Danny, which is cruel after all their dating.Her hair comes down and her top button pops off as she concludes in a heavy-breathing, artistic metaphor for orgasm.In one scene, however, as she passionately plays piano and he passionately listens and comments, they appear to come to a simultaneous orgasm in their separate apartments. It’s done as a sweet drama but has the insincerity of a weak sitcom. I was never convinced he was blind, but I did go along with the fact that he was playing a blind guy. The film is very well directed by James Keach, much better than the script. I guess, but mostly to desperate middle-aged women.For the rest of us, there are better, stronger movies about love and/or the blind. (He has worn them his entire life.) He enters the hospital for the first time and slips on a kid’s toy car. It makes for a wacky moment for the trailer, but seems out of place in the actual sluggish film.

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