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A lease agreement for a property in Blackfriars and one closely based on one of the few genuine manuscripts available at the time bearing Shakespeare's legitimate signature.

After this though, the forgeries followed thick and fast and he became more and more proficient in their execution.

The forgery was discovered, the prior sued, but lost: Around 1639, the great Dutch artist Rembrandt van Rijn drew an old bearded man in a flat cap.

Perhaps distracted by other projects, Rembrandt left about 80 percent of the image empty, except for a few lines indicating how the final printed version would continue.

This criticism stems from his purported imitation of the works of Fra Filippo Lippi which Cosimo de' Medici in about 1447 realised he had copied elements of, from an Adoration hanging in the Medici Palace.

The nickname also stemmed from his amazing speed to copy the major painters of his era.: Bassano, Rubens, Tintoretto.Andrew, a baptism of Constantine in the collection of San Costanzo and an assumption of the Virgin in the Capuchin Church in Rome. According to Baglione, Terenzi visited Rome, where he enjoyed the protection of Cardinal Montalto, nephew of Pope Sixtus V.After he deceived different buyers, he tried it with his benefactor, impersonating his paintings to works by Raphael and rapidly fell out of favour Grandson of Hans Imhoff Pirckheimer a humanist who was a close friend of Dürer, on the sale of some of the works he owned to an art dealer of Leiden, his diary read: "* Our Lady and Child, painted on parchment ...Much the same tale as that of their Roman counterparts.There are many contemporary critics at the University of Michigan who label Jacopo di Poggibonsi as a "master forger".

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