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Overall, he thought the town “not as handsome as Napoleon.” Named for the brother of Napoleon Bonaparte, this village lay just south of Gainesville.It was first settled in 1798 by Simon Favre, whose father had received a grant from the Spanish government.In its final edition, the editor did not shy from pointing out the merits of the area.“This is a section of Mississippi which has been much overlooked and greatly underrated by those abroad, and superficial observers at home.The line of vision may be too obscured for one to see past the high land and forests on the river’s banks, but if a person could project past them he would see Devil’s Swamp.That is where the Choctaws hid out during Indian Removal of the Jackson years, and where the Koch boys escaped conscription by the Rebel army – escaped, up to a point, anyway.In front to the bluff is a lovely island with a stand of tall cypress.

It might be recognized by the sight of a large pile of shells at the river’s edge just downstream. This ruin is atop an ancient shell midden, essentially a garbage heap of a long ago established settlement of prehistoric peoples.Logtown became the location of the Weston sawmill, according to some the largest sawmill in the world.Horatio Weston had two mills built with slave labor and employed 1200 men. It stood at the confluence of Bogue Homa and the Pearl. Before Logtown was closed down, less than 25 families remained.The midden is of such proportions that it became, in the 19 The leftover ruins were simply too strong to be removed when the town was razed.They are all that remains of the mill, which indeed at one time had the appearance of a city all to itself.

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