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With traditional dating concepts going out the window, sex seems to be very readily available and, quite frankly, it's lost a lot of what makes it so great... It's extremely hard to turn down something you really want, especially when it's within (or in) your grasp.There's even an app for easy hook-ups now making getting laid easier than ordering a pizza, for fuck's sake! It's at this point my overactive anxious mind enters a cranial war with my animal instinct.

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Above all, it enabled me to cultivate my own sociopathic radar, which is indisputably a useful tool in the merry old land of online dating.As I've opened myself up and entertained you with my misery business, I've been harbouring a little secret and that's a minor success in my dating life.I've not only met or spoken with dickheads but I've also had a couple of successful dates, or so I think they were successful.I know this is a stupid thing to do; waste time and energy pondering fictitious scenarios which may (often don't) come to fruition but I also can't help it.Now, sex is one of my most overthought areas because it very directly, and intimately, affects someone else.

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