New bill mandating solar energy

Solar panels affixed to the roof of the Midori Haus on Van Ness Avenue in Santa Cruz ar pictured in 2014.Virtually all new homes in California will have to have solar panels starting in 2020 under proposed rules state energy officials are expected to approve May 9.Interest in renewable energy, including solar, has grown in recent years as the United States has looked for alternatives to high-carbon sources like oil and coal.In New York, a state review of high-volume natural gas drilling that could pave the way for a natural gas boom in the state is expected later this year.

“Getting 100% renewable is 100% possible and 200% necessary,” said Kathryn Phillips, director of Sierra Club California.A bill to increase solar net metering caps by 2% and separate legislation to require that utilities source 35% of their power from renewable energy by 2030 are both advancing through the Massachusetts legislature. We also offer comprehensive global coverage of the most important solar markets worldwide.Select one or more editions for targeted, up to date information delivered straight to your inbox.NEW YORK (Reuters) - A bill before the New York State legislature that would require energy providers to invest in solar power would create thousands of jobs and billions of dollars in economic activity over a 14-year period, advocates said on Wednesday.The bill would require the New York Power Authority, the Long Island Power Authority and New York retail electric suppliers to procure solar electricity each year, equal to a percentage of their sales through 2025. Department of Energy’s National Renewable Energy Laboratory’s “Jobs and Economic Development Impact” models, said Vote Solar, which released the data along with the Natural Resources Defense Council.

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