Nuclides in carbon 14 dating

In addition, numbers were provided to add an additional scientific flair: This remarkable lack-of-anything was said by Gamow to have a density of 10 to the 145th power g/cc, or one hundred trillion times the density of water!

"The naive view implies that the universe suddenly came into existence and found a complete system of physical laws waiting to be obeyed . Actually it seems more natural to suppose that the physical universe and the laws of physics are interdependent." —*—At some point after the explosion (theories vary as to when) as temperatures cooled, it is theorized that the nothingness magically turned itself into hydrogen!

' This point alone is enough to invalidate the Big Bang theory in all its various forms. Grass carpets the plains and birds sing in the trees.

Farm animals graze in the meadows, and water brooks run through the fields.

Then, with true scientific aplomb, he named this solid core of nothing, "ylem" (pronounced "ee-lum").

With a name like that, many people thought this must be a great scientific truth of some kind.

Then, reforming, large numbers exploded a second time. All 90 elements had been produced by the second wave of explosions!

Because Gamow was also a part-time science-fiction writer, he enjoyed writing about impossible things, like green men traveling through deep space in rockets, zapping one another with ray guns.

So when it came to explaining the "Big Bang" theory to fellow scientists, he used quaint little cartoons to emphasize the details. Illustrating his points with these intriguing little cartoons, he caught the attention of young scientists.

It all sounds so simple, just as you would find in a science fiction novel. When all this emptiness exploded, it traveled outward and condensed into hydrogen and helium.

A total vacuum, they tell us, had become something! Herman devised the basic Big Bang model in 1948-1949.

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