Ole eivind dating i mrket

If a certain tool looks promising, I always take a look at it.

Do you follow any software development or project management methodologies?

Our clients come to us with ideas for applications they want to see, and we take care of the rest — from research and design to the actual development. We started talking, and in the end decided that we wanted to start a business together.

At first we tried to run both his old company and our new business at the same time, but quickly realized we wanted to pool all our efforts into the latter.

We couldn’t resist the chance to ask him about the things he’s learned on this journey.

Eivind also talked about the advantages of the remote model over working with freelancers, and his experience with Vladimir, a Ukrainian Android developer he hired through Daxx.

“The board of directors has assessed that, notwithstanding Eivind Kolding’s professional and personal qualities, it is in this phase necessary to have a CEO with stronger qualifications within banking,” Chairman Ole Andersen said in the statement. Moeller-Maersk A/S’s container shipping unit before becoming CEO at Danske, the bank introduced a pricing model to reward customers with the most business there.Slack is very convenient because it allows you to create dedicated channels and groups for different projects.It integrates beautifully with the other tools we use.For instance, whenever someone changes code on Git Hub, we get a notification in one of our channels.Random talks and silly videos also have their place in Slack.

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