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While you can’t technically fix the problem, you can make it go away.There are several ways to go around it, which I believe you should try in this specific order. I know what you may think, but I also know human errors happen much more often than software bugs, and it really doesn’t hurt double checking that you indeed do not have any unread emails.First thing you want to do is to force quit the Mail app.Though usually not recommended, force quitting an app (also know as force closing an app) is a great solution when nothing else seems to work for that specific app.When nothing else works, the best option is to restore the device and set it up as new.

Note this is not technically similar to restoring, but erasing all content and settings is an acceptable way of wiping up your i OS device clean, according to Apple.

The best way to go at it is to triage your inbox to only show unread emails, and the good news is, the Mail app has such a feature that allows you to easily show a hidden ‘Unread’ smart folder to gather your unread messages in one place. If not, make sure you check out this post to enable ‘Unread’ smart mailbox in Mail for i Phone and i Pad: After having made sure you indeed read all emails in your inbox, and if the Mail app still wrongly shows unread emails, then we’ll have to dig deeper.

Now that we have the obvious out of the way, let’s go into the basics of troubleshooting.

Close your outlook (not minimize), Log in to your Office 365 account, then Webmail, mark the problematic folders 'unread' messages as read, then Logoff Office 365, restart Outlook and voilá!

I used the answer by Ian C but I think it's not quite shown correctly.

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