Palestinian dating customs

On rare occasions girls are given politically significant names such as Al-Quds (Jerusalem).

These are made of flour and butter and are stuffed with either walnuts, cinnamon, and sugar, or with dates.

The Christian holiday of Easter is also moveable, being calculated on a lunar basis.

It always occurs sometime during March or early April.

Ma'assalama means "goodbye," with the literal translation being "go with peace." "Thank you" is Shukran, and "You're welcome" is 'Afwan. The numbers one to ten in Arabic are: wahad, ithnayn, thalatha, arba'a, khamsa, sita, sab'a, thamanya, tis'a, and 'ashara. Ìsa (Jesus) is used by both Muslims and Christians.

Common names for boys are Ahmad, Shukri, Ismàil, and Ibrahim. Common names for girls are Samia, Sawsan, Maysoon, Muna, and Fatima.

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