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Challenges of an Ox-Dragon love match In a romantic match between the Ox and Dragon, the ego will probably be the biggest spoiler.

Because of an inherent assertiveness, the Dragon, especially a male one, will naturally assume the role of the head of the family.

According to Hollywood Life’s source, maybe there was more to it than friendly interest?

The source says, “There’s no denying that there’s still a spark with Josh.

They were recently seen hand-in-hand on a beach, their first public photo together in years.

But rumors of a Katie-Jamie split have been out there for a couple of months, according to reports at Hollywood Life, which quotes a source who told , “Jamie still seems reluctant to show the world how much he cares about her, or even acknowledge that they’re an item.”They’re both denying the rumors with reps from the two Dawson’s Creek alums telling the website Gossip Cop that there’s no truth to the stories.

Jackson hasn’t been seriously linked with anyone since he and Kruger called it quits, though he’s been spotted with model Shafia West.

He even bemoaned to Ellen Degeneres the difficulties of dating in the age of social media apps. Katie has been in a very private relationship with actor Jamie Foxx for about three years.

She is a cohost of the weekly political podcast The More Perfect Union.This is because the Ox and Dragon are two of the hardiest workers in the Chinese zodiac.Each can devote long hours and unflagging energy in their chosen area of work with the result that they are usually rewarded with financial success.High points of an Ox-Dragon love match The vivacity and charisma of the Dragon is legendary; he/she is someone who attracts admirers around by the sheer magnetism of his/her personality.The Ox with a keen sense of beauty and strong sensual needs is unlikely to immune to the powerful attraction exerted by the Dragon.

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